Prophetic Timeline - iOS and Android app

The Prophetic Timeline app is a must have Islamic App for your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Learn about the most important events that took place in his life, search the interactive features to uncover the lessons and wisdoms from his teachings, and listen to the epic battles he fought with the BBC voice-over narration that comes free with the app!

When your done browsing the timeline, tap the Sirah Map icon to reveal the locations and descriptions of the most pivotal places the Prophet and his Companions journeyed through.

All content is strictly faithful to classical biographies of the eighth and ninth centuries; such as the works of IbnIshaq and IbnHisham. The primary sources were meticulously analysed, identifying the major events that were reported by the vast majority of historians.

At a glance

  • Sirah Map: Providing a visual representation of the Prophet's Life
  • Audio: The ability to experience a high quality (BBC studio) voiceover recording, in true 'audiobook' style, bringing the events to life in an unprecedented way.
  • Lessons & Wisdoms: An opportunity to benefit from the deeper meanings, wisdoms, and lessons extracted from events, bearing great historical significance.
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