iJail - UK criminal offences app

Designed not just for the legal professional or student but also for the everyday person, iJail contains a selection of the most common criminal offences that are dealt with by the UK Magistrates Courts.

iJail not only provides a concise easy to use and understand summary of offences and the likely sentence that a judge may give but also provides guidance on what factors may be taken into account by a judge to influence a higher or lower sentence being given to an accused person.

Once downloaded no Internet connection is required for use

At a glance

  • Definitions for each offence to allow the user to understand what act/s amount to a criminal offence.
  • Guidance on likely sentences as well as aggravating and mitigating factors.
  • Explanatory notes to help the everyday person understand legal jargon.
  • Search engine function
  • Bookmark function
  • Sharing capabilities with Facebook and Twitter
  • Contains the most recent update to the Magistrates Courts Sentencing Guidelines as of 13th June 2011 in respect of assault offences.


"Great app for law students and general public"

Simon Burch – Barrister