Building Blocks Children's Centre - Easy to manage website

In April 2012 four local Children’s Centres, Beech Hill, Leo Cubs, Denbigh and Greenside joined together to become Building Blocks Children’s Centre, linking together care, education, family support, health services, and community education opportunities across Biscot, Dallow and Saints Wards, in Luton.

This website is designed to ensure parents have access to information for all four sites and additional delivery venues. This site allows all staff from across the area to contribute content to the site and the Hub Manager to review and the publish it. This bespoke software is built for our client allowing them to easily manage the site without the need of any specialist skills. The design is appealing to families and encourages them to be constantly involved in activities.

At a glance

  • Custom content management system
  • Bespoke design
  • Password protected areas
  • Upload activities, news and events
  • Homepage slider
  • Custom modules
  • Maintenance


"Many Thanks to Joom Tech for providing us with such a fantastic web-site. The feedback from our service users has been extremely complimentary. It has been a pleasure to work with a company who understood the brief so well and achieved the finished result we were hoping for and more. We are especially grateful for the development of a site that is so easy to update and for making the process uncomplicated for those of us with no previous experience!"

Hilary Wilson - Hub Manager