Apps for Businesses

Provide your business with an App which not only showcases your products and services but also allows current and potential customers to interact with your business.

Your bespoke App could:

  • Provide GPS directions to your business premises from anywhere in the world.
  • Create a viral buzz on social media websites.
  • Instantaneously message your customers with breaking news, offers, events, products and services offered by your business with in-app messages.
  • Allow client's to quickly, efficiently and securely log into their accounts with your business to pay any outstanding bills owed to you for services provided.

Joom Tech will work with you to develop an App that goes beyond raising market awareness of your business. We aim to put you ahead of your competitors.

Apps for Individuals

You have always thought about making an app. It is now time to do it!

At Joom Tech we recognise that not everybody has the technical know-how or finances to develop their own apps. With this in mind we aim to help and support the development of your app from conception through to fruition.

We even offer financing option for your app which include the opportunity for external investors to contribute to the cost of developing and marketing your app.

Apps for Education

Apps are great for teachers and students. Teachers can use apps as powerful tools to support them to manage the class work, assess pupil attainment and improve communication with other teachers.

Students can benefit from interactive learning, managing homework and having access to a range of revision tools.

The future of Learning is digital. Your idea can be the next big thing in Education.

Mobile Games

At Joom Tech we are always looking to accomplish the impossible. Currently, we have some great games projects that we are developing internally for the iPhone and iPad. We are also interested in your ideas and helping you to develop your very first game.

From simple puzzle game to multiplayer online games, we can take your project from sketch through design and to deployment. We can handle game and level design, graphics, audio and viral integration along the way. We are always moving with technology and will advise you on security, playability, marketing and even making money. Our team has one stop solution including graphics designs, theme design, icon design, animation, audio, submission and marketing.

Ready for the next level?